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Inspection Services

API 570:  Authorized in service piping inspections for Petro-Chemical facilities. 
  • Visual inspections
  • Thickness readings
  • Pipe calculations and corrosion life/expectancy for these systems
  • Set CML/TML points for these systems and intervals
  • Create a repair plan for all repairs and reconstructions.
  • Perform calculations on systems

API-653:  Authorized inspections on above ground atmospheric storage tanks for the Petro-chemical facilities. 
  • External and internal inspections 
  • Set up CML/TML inspection points and intervals 
  • Visual inspections
  • Thickness readings
  • Corrosion life/expectancy
  • Foundation inspections
  • Venting inspections
  • Inspections on cathodic protection 
  • Assist in creating a repair plan for all repairs and reconstructions

API-510:  Authorized inspections of Pressure Vessels
  • External and Internal inspections
  • Set up CML/TML inspection points and intervals
  • Visual inspections
  • Thickness readings
  • Corrosion life/expectancy
  • Assist in creating repair plans and repairing of pressure equipment

CWI Services:  Certified Weld Inspection
  • Visual welding inspections
  • Writing of welding procedures
  • Testing of welders to approved procedures
  • Weld mapping/tracking
  • Technical assistance on welding processes
  • Set up NDE services and welding quality analysis reports
  • Perform Hydrostatic/Pneumatic testing for a wide range of components. 

UT Level II Limited:  Certified Thickness Testing
  • Ultra-Sonic thickness testing
  • Provide detailed thickness reports
  • Corrosion Life/Expectancy

MT Level II: Magnetic Particle Testing
  • External subsurface examination of welds
  • Meets code requirements in NDE
  • Provide detailed reports

David Huff, Corporate QA/QC Manager – CWI: / 586-601-7623

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