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Work in Progress

Consumers Energy Ray Compressor Station Upgrade & Expansion ($26 Mill+) - Plant 3 - Ray Township, MI

DE-CAL has been awarded the piping contract on this $122 million project to increase the Ray compressor station’s ability to store natural gas. Construction on a third compressor plant began last November to serve the needs of 1.7 million natural gas customers. Once completed, Plant 3 will inject more natural gas into storage fields than Plants 1 and 2 combined. It also eliminates the need to find mostly obsolete spare parts during forced outages at Plants 1 and 2. Given that gas pressure in these pipelines will exceed 1,000 psi, construction and welding procedures must meet top quality standards and undergo rigorous testing processes.

Inergy Automotive Huron Township Plant ($6 Mill+)

DE-CAL has been selected as the Mechanical Contractor for Inergy’s new 300,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Huron Township, MI. This new plant will produce plastic automotive gas tanks using a blow mold process which requires numerous piping systems including chilled and cooling water, compressed air, as well as various gases. Construction of this facility is expected to be completed by spring of 2012.

V & M Star II Youngstown, OH - New Seamless Pipe Mill ($6 Mill+)

DE-CAL is currently installing various underground piping systems for the expansion to the V&M Youngstown facility. The new mill, totaling more than one million square feet of space, will initially produce 350,000 tons of steel tubing per year for the drilling of shale gas in the U.S. Much of the piping is High Density Poly-Ethylene (HDPE) which is resistant to deterioration and corrosion and requires a high quality fusion operation for installation in the field. DE-CAL has invested in this fusion equipment, self performs this operation and has become a leader in this technology.

DE-CAL has also been awarded the new Finishing Mill ($15 Mill+) at this facility and is scheduled to be completed in 2013.

Dearborn CSO Basins #6 and #8: ($13,400,000)

Construction of two new Combined Sewer Overflow basins (CSOs) to detain overflow from the existing sewer systems during a storm event. The CSOs will allow collection of massive amounts of water stored in deep structures that cover a relatively small surface area and then be sent on in a controlled release that will not overwhelm the water treatment plant. The project is one of the largest sinking caisson applications in the world. Huge concrete shafts 120 feet in diameter will be allowed to sink under their own weight to a depth of 140 feet below grade. DE-CAL will install all the piping and mechanical systems including mixing piping at the bottom and ejector pumps.


Ann Arbor Wastewater Treatment Plant Rebuild
Ann Arbor, Michigan ($15,000,000)

Starting in 2012 a complete $100,000,000 rebuild of half of the existing wastewater plant is the largest capital project in Ann Arbor’s history. The project will extend over five fiscal years and must not impede the flow of 19 million gallons a day of wastewater through the plant.

The renovations to the West Plant include rehabilitating existing flow control structures, complete demolition and replacement of primary and secondary treatment equipment, and construction of new buildings. Other improvements include utilities relocation, replacement of storm water collection system equipment, and replacement of aeration systems with energy efficient blowers.

Cobo Center Renovation
Detroit, Michigan ($13,000,000)

As Detroit’s premier convention and showplace center, Cobo Center has been home to Detroit’s Autoshow for years. Renovation is underway and DE-CAL is the major mechanical contractor for this $300 million project. This project will utilize 3D BIM modeling for efficient installation of all mechanical systems.

General Motors Warren Transmission Renovation
Warren, Michigan ($15,000,000)

A $200 Million 500,000 sf renovation for the new 6 speed front-wheel-drive automatic transmission. Includes a new mechanical room with cooling towers and chiller system will be installed for the conversion of existing Air Houses from steam to gas with chilled water and coils. The project was designed by using 3D modeling, point cloud data and Tru-view in collaboration with General Motors and Teamed Contractors to reduce the amount of interferences, clashes, and to expedite the overall delivery system.

Brackenridge, PA ($7,000,000+)- Walking Beam Furnaces

DE-CAL is currently working on the installation of the piping for two new walking beam furnaces. These furnaces are part of a new hot rolling facility and one of the largest industrial projects currently underway in the United States.

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