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Safety – Detroit – Youngstown – Pittsburgh

At De-Cal, Inc., the safety of our workers and those around us is not just a concern, it is our number one priority. We take an active and aggressive approach to protect our workers at all costs. We have developed an Employee Bio Database that can track active and non-active employees' training & capabilities, ensuring that only the appropriate workers are at each job site.

Our mobile protective and emergency equipment allows us to respond quickly to any needs of our work. We have also developed a safety incentive program, which we believe has helped us log in over 2.5 Million consecutive work hours over the last five years without a Lost Time Injury!

Safe piping insulators, Detroit

Other Safety Benefits

  • Full Time Safety Director
  • Staff of six additional full time Safety Officials
  • All employees Compliant with Guidelines of M.U.S.T and current with all 18 modules
  • Orientation program for supervision & new hires
  • Hazard specific training
  • Site specific safety programs
  • Pre-Task planning
  • 100% approval rating by PEC/Premier Safety Management, PICS Auditing, & ISNetworld

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Mechanical Contractor | Michigan, Western Pennsylvania, Ohio

De-Cal, Inc. is a Mechanical Contractor serving Southeastern Michigan, Northern Ohio & Western Pennsylvania. We have offices located in Warren & Detroit, Michigan, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Youngstown, Ohio.